What Is Subliminal Therapy?

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Subliminal Therapy is a technique whereby hypnotic phenomena can be used for therapeutic purposes without the need for formal trance induction and can be used on its own or with other treatment.

Many problems have no obvious medical or physiological explanation.  It is as though some part of the person’s mind, an unconscious part, is actively controlling things, causing the undesired malady, behavior, or experience.

If this is true and if that part of the person’s mind was formed in the course of their life experience (the process of conditioning), then it should be possible to change that response by re-conditioning.  For example, a person may continue to smoke, although they are desperate to quit.  Behaviors, habits, beliefs, and experiences commonly can defy our ability to control them by conscious volition. Yet, people are sometimes successful in changing in desired ways. They may stop smoking, eliminate a phobia or change a strongly held feeling.  They accomplish such changes by altering subconscious conditioning – by relearning, in a new and productive ways, what was learned at some former time in a way that is now dysfunctional.

Subliminal Therapy is an efficient and effective technique to use to accomplish re-conditioning.  It enables the patient to understand the cause of the problem from the perspective of the present, with more mature knowledge on the part of the individual.  Resolve the cause and the pain or problem can then be resolved.

In using Subliminal Therapy, you will accomplish your goal (elimination of psychological and psychogenic problems) by “re-educating” your unconscious mind and enlisting your higher consciousness.  The process through which you will be guided by your therapist is intended to achieve the change you seek by that re-education.   Conscious opinions and/or desires have not thus far brought about the changes you want and they are not apt to do so in the future. Your unconscious mind must be persuaded to agree with your conscious viewpoint if you are to change.

Subliminal Therapy is a way to make desired changes quickly and effectively. If you’re struggling with pain, addictions, or behavior issues, we can help!  Contact us today using the capacities you already possess!  Phone: (858) 272-2748 Email: subtherapyinst@gmail.com  or through our Website: http://stii.us/


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Subliminal Therapy is psychodynamic-based & involves guiding the patient to employ his or her own mental abilities to identify the actual cause of the problem being addressed, thereby resolving it.  These mental abilities are universal to everyone, but commonly unrecognized & underutilized.  Because the therapy addresses the cause of the problem, not the symptoms of the problem, the therapy is both efficient and effective, and faster than traditional therapy. Most patients find relief in three to six sessions. Dr. Edwin Yager has been formally researching the effectiveness of Subliminal Therapy since 2008. Since data collection began, an average 83% of patients reported improvement from their problems within three to six treatments. More results can be found here: http://stii.us/results.html

Dr. Yager has conducted formal training in the technique under the auspices of the UCSD School of Medicine, the American Society of Hypnosis, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and the San Diego Psychological Association.

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