During recent decades, depression has been considered as an organic problem, calling for organic solutions (medicine) to correct the problem. A great deal of research in recent years has raised serious question about that conclusion. Turns out that psychotherapy is equally as effective as medication. Turns out also that placebo effects are equally effective! Placebo is a word that refers to an effect that is not known, an effect that has not been identified. It is an inadequate explanation for the unknown.

Treatment of depression is shifting away from the exclusive use of medication to a combination of meds and psychotherapy. There is also a shift toward psychotherapy alone as the treatment of choice, a trend that is accelerated by the unfortunate side effects of most medications. Placebos remain present, active and unidentified.

Subliminal Therapy is highly effective in treating depression, 83% as shown by recent research, a far higher number than is experienced with other treatments. Subliminal Therapy assumes that psychotherapy offers the best explanation treatment and works to identify its psychological cause, thereby to resolve it.