Albert Schweitzer once called pain “a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself.”
Even so, pain is essential to life; we simply could not live without it. We would behave in self-destructive ways without being aware that we were doing so. Yet, pain can also be dysfunctional, inhibiting awareness of life’s values and meaning.

Pain is the mind’s way of getting attention. It is a protective mechanism, regardless of the cause of the pain. Moreover, the purpose is rarely recognized consciously. In addition, once established as a pattern, the pain response can persist long after the original purpose ceases to have meaning. In this situation, the pain is maintained unconsciously for reasons that were real and valid in the past —when the pain began—but are no longer real or valid in current life. When the person recognizes that the pain no longer has valid purpose, doing so both consciously and subconsciously, relief becomes possible. Subliminal Therapy works to identify its subconscious, psychological cause, thereby to resolve it.