Subliminal Therapy and Addictions

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Most of us find ourselves doing things that seem foolish even to us, and that we will do again anyway.  Things like frequently using an unfortunate word, popping our knuckles, or driving too fast.  We would not usually think of such things as addictions but they seem to fit that description.  Getting into more serious problems, we might also smoke cigarettes, have a gambling problem, become addicted to a street drug, or even to another person.

Yet, what about addictions to heroin and meth?  Is there a psychological basis for these addictions too, a force that is not chemical in nature?

Whether the addiction is to a chemical or to something that is not chemical, the actual roots of addiction, the force that propels the behavior over time, turns out to be the psychological force that is present.  If the chemical is not resupplied, our bodies will metabolize the chemicals over time.  Tobacco smoke, for example, is metabolized in about a week, while many months may be required to metabolize heroin.  The force that remains, the force that propels further use of the chemical, even after the body has metabolized the agents in the body, is a psychological force.

Subliminal Therapy is a uniquely effective way to identify and resolve those psychological forces.


Stop Chronic Pain In Its Tracks

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chronic pain (Picture via Critical Science)

Turns out a lot of chronic pain is caused by psychological forces – emotion, stress and imagination as examples – rather than by physical stimulation of nerves.  When pain originates or is maintained by such forces, it is not often consciously recognized that it is happening in this way; the pain is perceived by the person as being caused physically.

Of course, there can be situations in which an on-going, physical stimulus causes pain; however, most commonly the actual cause of pain is from muscle spasms that are reacting to “something” outside of conscious control, causing the pain to continue.  That something could be a physical stimulus via nerves, or it could be a stimulus that originates in the mind of the sufferer – perhaps as a way to satisfy an unconscious need such as getting attention, or maybe just because the person learned to expect it to be this way.

Subliminal Therapy is a uniquely effective way to determine if the pain has psychological roots, and in the event the pain has such roots, Subliminal Therapy is also a uniquely effective way to resolve them.  When the cause has been resolved, pain ceases to exist.


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Subliminal Therapy is psychodynamic-based & involves guiding the patient to employ his or her own mental abilities to identify the actual cause of the problem being addressed, thereby resolving it.  These mental abilities are universal to everyone, but commonly unrecognized & underutilized.  Because the therapy addresses the cause of the problem, not the symptoms of the problem, the therapy is both efficient and effective, and faster than traditional therapy. Most patients find relief in three to six sessions. Dr. Edwin Yager has been formally researching the effectiveness of Subliminal Therapy since 2008. Since data collection began, an average 83% of patients reported improvement from their problems within three to six treatments. More results can be found here: http://stii.us/results.html

Dr. Yager has conducted formal training in the technique under the auspices of the UCSD School of Medicine, the American Society of Hypnosis, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and the San Diego Psychological Association.