chronic pain (Picture via Critical Science)

Turns out a lot of chronic pain is caused by psychological forces – emotion, stress and imagination as examples – rather than by physical stimulation of nerves.  When pain originates or is maintained by such forces, it is not often consciously recognized that it is happening in this way; the pain is perceived by the person as being caused physically.

Of course, there can be situations in which an on-going, physical stimulus causes pain; however, most commonly the actual cause of pain is from muscle spasms that are reacting to “something” outside of conscious control, causing the pain to continue.  That something could be a physical stimulus via nerves, or it could be a stimulus that originates in the mind of the sufferer – perhaps as a way to satisfy an unconscious need such as getting attention, or maybe just because the person learned to expect it to be this way.

Subliminal Therapy is a uniquely effective way to determine if the pain has psychological roots, and in the event the pain has such roots, Subliminal Therapy is also a uniquely effective way to resolve them.  When the cause has been resolved, pain ceases to exist.